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Apple released iOS 12 on Monday afternoon. The software update included a number of amazing new features…

A step-by-step guide with some key concepts explained

A Future for AI & Automation We Can Live With, Part III
Amber Case8 min read

Not a rant about how AI will change your life (it will) or steal your job (it won’t). Instead, tips for AI…
Best in Programming

It should be possible to automatically identify dubious news sources — but we’ll need a lot more data

Here is an easy tutorial to help understand how you can use Pandas to get data from a RESTFUL API and store…

Logging from radiator valves to Amazon Web Services, via NodeMCU, Lambda functions, S3 and Athena.
Danny Boland in datadayMember only content5 min read
Best in Data science

Related article: Comparison of User-Based and Item-Based Collaborative Filtering
王斌Member only content7 min read

Forecasting, modelling and predicting time series is increasingly becoming popular in a number of fields…
Editors’ picks

How to reclaim your privacy in the surveillance age
Jameson LoppMember only content31 min read

This battle was never about Roe v. Wade. The real prize, as always, is money and the power to make more of…
nina burleighMember only content5 min read

He’s been absolutely everywhere this fall. But the big question remains.
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